Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diskusi : Did My English Is Bad?


For the 1st time in this blog I write an entry using English Word. I hope I'll be able to continuing my writing in English until the end.

What makes me interested to writing in English actually?

Before that, for your information, not all the word published here is my word. Some word I grab it from the internet and some more from the auto correct system from this web. Now you know, what is my class for my English. I confident there is 100% spelling correct but I not really sure about my Grammar. So, help me on this. 1 question, do my title is right? Ha ha, I'm not very sure about that. So, please!

It has been so long that i left my English language. Since I came here, there is just 2 classes for me to learn English. That is English 2 and English 3. I've passed my English placement test and that give me an exception for the English 1 class. But learning English here is very simple. Arabian just used a simple word and phrase. Their pronunciation is also not good. They cannot pronoun the letter of P. They will make a sound like B. For Example, PEPSI, we will hear BEBSI. So, how can I'll learn the good English?

Until this line, is there a wrong usage of English Grammar of word? If yes, let me know. If no, Okay, i continue..

What makes me want to publish this entry with English Actually?

Yesterday, i just met 1 American who studied here. Here just converted to Muslim. Alhamdulillah he is our brotherhood now. His name is Asad Ayub. He is from the state of Washington USA. He now 32 years old and Married with Yamenian girl. Now, he studying here at University's Language Center.

So what happened?

I have a long conversation with him. From about 8 o'clock after shalat Maghrib, until 12 at the midnight. We just talking about how he become a Muslim. His problem in Islam, his difficulties living here and learning Arabic Language.

He is my 2nd English man that i met after i met someone in time i perform Hajj. He did not know Arabic very well. Just a simple word that he used everyday with the citizen. So, to speak with him, i must speak in English. If not, he will cannot understand what that i'm saying to him.

I feel so bad when i talking with him. My English is so bad. Many times he ask me back "What the meaning of that?" huh, i try to using another word to make him understand what i want to say.

Because of him, i think i want to learn English very well from now. I not say that my English is down to earth. But, after i face him. i realize that is my English is bad. I can read in English, Write and speak. But not good English since i came here, i losing a lot of my English word.

So, that is my story. Ha ha. Simple story right? But Alhamdulillah I finished it with all English word. I fell dizzy right now. Searching for those word. I feel want to sleep now.Until this line, what is your comment?

20 Orang Berani Mati:

azlinilman said...

incek aji,
sy tego mne yg sy taw la ehh.

first,did my english is bad-my english is bad,isnt it???
to writing-is to write.
to continuing-to continue.
all the word-all the words.
I confident there is 100% spelling correct-i confident the spelling is 100% correct.
Since I came here, there is-there was
But learning English here is very simple-but here,learning english is very simple
They cannot pronoun-pronounce

de lg,
tp nnt sy betolkn blik eh.


anap_ilmi said...

yekee..byk nyer...huh..bgs2..Tq taw!

nachia said...

-did my english is bad?-
>my english is bad, isn't it
>is my english bad? also acceptable...

others...hurm...ask those experts..

Anonymous said...

Because of him, i think i want to learn English very well from now. I not say that my English is down to earth. But, after i face him. i realize that is my English is bad. I can read in English, Write and speak. But not good English since i came here, i losing a lot of my English word.

after i meet him, i decided to practice English. not to say my English is good or bad but i just wanna have a good English conversation with him. I can read and write in english very well but since i came here, i think i'm losing a lot of my vocabulary.


nice ahnaf. good start. hope we'll improve a lot. the phrases up here is my suggestion.. please comment for any grammatical mistake or for any mistake. i'm not good with it too. still improving.

rizz said...

english rizz pon trabo haha,.xpe u can learn more kannn

Mr. Janggel said...

Yup..usually after TO adalah root word.

Contoh to writing adalah salah..yang betol adalah TO WRITE

To continuing = TO CONTINUE

itu adalah basic grammar, yang lain seem to be ok but need to polish some more..

keep learning is the best word.
Gud Luck!

ladyeena said...

good effort bro. keep it up. consistency and practice is what make your English getting better and perfect.

m here not to correct your English but just wanna say...never give up to write occay? Even a very simple para everyday.

best wishes

aiSyaLiciOus said...

WAH~!! WHAT A SURPRISE MR.AHNAF?? good for u if u wanna learn how to b good in english..nothing to worry about ur pronounciation n grammar bro, as long as u eager to know n learn that can make ur english better n better..just keep learning n i hope ur english much2 better than me so u can teach me la plak..hehe....chayok3!

chimera said...

salam anaf...

1. It has been so long that i left my English language = It has been so long that i left my English. *perkataan language tak perlu pakai pun tak apa**

secara keseluruhan - memang grammar agak sikit kelam kabut.. tapi tak pe. masih boleh faham...

selalu2 lah praktis... rajin2 bersembang - tak apa kalau salah, yg penting berani... nanti akan ok jugak... isyaAllah..

anap_ilmi said...

Tq 4 commenting me in this entry. i'm very happy 2 see all my friend supporting me to improve my english. 'll take note and iallah u may see i publish more entry in English.thank u again.. Muah2..

zal said...

"But Alhamdulillah I finished it with all English word."...

Alhamdulillah is an arabic word :-)

Aku pun tak berapa sure with my english... i really feel inferior... conversing is the best way to learn the language... kalau guna selalu, senang skit nak belajar. kalau jarang guna, jd mcm my arabic language lah.. berkarat sampai langsung tak blh guna. at least dulu i can write a simple story dgn arabic yg broken... now... satu ayat pun kena pikir byk kali...

btw, ur reply kat comment section ni almost free grammatical error.. :-)

anap_ilmi said...

it is serious? ngeh..ngeh2... haha.. suddenly i feel wanna to fly :p

arulz said...

so far very good try for this.keep it up. i think maybe american english quite different with british english. british english is more difficult to understand,think so. just keep watching movies on television because many movies from hollywood, so they are using american english. so it can help u to talking with asad..hehe..

arulz said...

* org tegur td..."to talk" laaa...hahaha..i think im bad too wakakakaka!

Endofday said...

tetibe aku pon nak tego gak hahaha

it is serious? ngeh..ngeh2... haha.. suddenly i feel wanna to fly :p

wanna fly, xde to

anap_ilmi said...

ARULZ : You batter watch out your mouth before you talking to me ya.. kikiki

ENDOFDAY : Is that wrong. Shame nyer.. hahah

eiyda said...

Bagus anap ada inisiatif utk menulis in english..xpe jangan putus asa..yg penting mesti confident kan..;)

Luth Textile said...

macam aku la kan,sejak aku praktikal neh, aku dapat gunakan bahasa inggeris lebih banyak dari bahasa melayu aku rasa english penting sangat2 bila nak comunicate dengan boss boss besar terutamanya boss jepun..

bagus artikel ko, anap elmi..

mie said...

da insentif nk trus blajo..
gue punya english pun tunggang langgang lagi..
walupun keje nnti..
kena speaking...

Mem Aluya said...

Salaam Ahnaf,

Congratulations. You finished the entry well. Your message is conveyed to your audience despite some grammatical mistakes. Don't worry much, just keep on writing.

How to improve your English? Here are 2 fun suggestions:

1) Watch English movies and TV series.
2) Listen and sing along to English songs.

Also, try find some simple reading materials that interest you :)

All the best in your future undertakings.
Good luck.

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