Friday, May 29, 2009

MyWay : Shhh...Exam!


Tomorrow is 30/5. My first paper for my final exam for this semester begin. Until 6/6 I'll quite busy sikit for discussing, revising, reading, memorizing and writing also sleeping. huhu. Please pray for my success in this exam. I'll try to do my best...

This is my 2nd entry that I write in English before this. As I said, instead of I struggling for my Arabic, I'll also trying harder to improve my English at the same time. I can't denying laa that English is very important today. [Just like speech competition] Haha. Nothing much to say actually. The word just come from my tired brain reading all Arabic word right now. Until now, there is about 100pages++ to go and i must finished it up before midnight because tomorrow the exam will begin. I must sleep earlier and wake up earlier to do the last preparation before I seat for the exam. Arghhh... Really make me sick! I never touch the book before this taw! Last night i just took it from Hanis and photocopy it.. Thats it, old2 people said, never study last minute. But, what can i do. I just get busy with a ton of assignmnt and stuff! Enough!

Until next time lah. I got so many thing to do now. Want to make a good enough preparation for my final. Time is ticking up! I just take 5 for this quick updates... It is so boring too read those arabic text right now. With the sun shine outside very bright. Haha..

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aiSyaLiciOus said...

gud luck MR.AHNAF..try ur very besh in ur exam..i wish u success n mabrur k..hehe

rizz said...

anapp gud luckk

.0hbintang!. said...

ur freakin cute when u speak english..

"fifty laaa"



good luck!

dun stop runnin until u finishd the game yeh?

tc (:

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